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    Astronomers spy powerful deep-space object unlike anything seen before


    Artist's impression of a magnetar

    An artist’s impression of what the item may appear like if it is a magnetar. Magnetars are extremely magnetic neutron stars, a few of which generally produce radio emissions. Identified magnetars rotate each few seconds, however, theoretically, “ultra-long-period magnetars” may rotate way more slowly.


    A crew led by astronomers in Australia has found a model new sort of object in deep area that behaves in weird and mysterious methods by no means seen earlier than. 

    One thing about 4,000 light-years away, which is comparatively shut in our cosmic neighborhood, was seen spinning round and often blasting out a large burst of power that lasts a full a minute. Even weirder, that vivid beam of radiation occurred like clockwork each 18 minutes. 

    “It was sort of spooky for an astronomer as a result of there’s nothing recognized within the sky that does that,” astrophysicist Natasha Hurley-Walker said in an announcement. 

    The conduct is much like that of a pulsar or magnetar, which spin round as they blast out pulses of power that may be detected right here on Earth. However pulsars pulse in a short time, normally each few seconds. An object that sends out longer bursts just some occasions an hour has by no means been seen earlier than. 

    Hurley-Walker led a crew from the Curtin College node of the Worldwide Centre for Radio Astronomy Analysis that made the invention, with help from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. She’s additionally lead creator on a paper detailing the find on this week’s difficulty of the journal Nature. 

    This odd object was initially noticed by Curtin pupil Tyrone O’Doherty utilizing the Murchison Widefield Array telescope in outback Western Australia. The MWA is a radio observatory that may observe a large swath of the sky over a variety of frequencies. 

    “It is thrilling that the supply I recognized final yr has turned out to be such a peculiar object,” mentioned O’Doherty, who’s engaged on his Ph.D.

    The galactic peculiarity might be the collapsed core of a star with an ultra-powerful magnetic area. Hurley-Walker explains that it has the traits of one thing astrophysicists have theorized known as an “ultra-long-period magnetar.”

    “It is a sort of slowly spinning neutron star that has been predicted to exist theoretically,” she mentioned. “However no person anticipated to straight detect one like this as a result of we did not anticipate them to be so vivid. Someway it is changing magnetic power to radio waves way more successfully than something we have seen earlier than.”

    For now, the weird object has stopped sending out pulses that we will see, however Hurley-Walker says she is constant to observe it with the Murchison Widefield Array telescope in case it begins up once more. 

    “If it does, there are telescopes throughout the Southern Hemisphere and even in orbit that may level straight to it,” she added.

    She additionally plans to return into the MWA’s archives to see if this object is only one member of a bigger household that is gone unnoticed till now. 

    “Extra detections will inform astronomers whether or not this was a uncommon one-off occasion or an enormous new inhabitants we would by no means seen earlier than.” 

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