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    Sajal Ali slaps famous actor Syed Jibran


    Showbiz actor Syed Jibran recalled the incident when he was shaken after being slapped by Sajal Aly on the units.

    Just lately, throughout an interview, actor Syed Jibran warned everybody to by no means get slapped by Sajal Aly by recalling a scene shoot from their drama “Chup raho”. The actor talked about that he was recording a scene with Sajal Aly the place she was instructed by the director Yasir Nawaz to slap. The 6-foot-tall actor acquired shaken by the highly effective slap by Sajal Aly.

    Yasir Nawaz who was sitting close to burst into laughter. Jibran stated that “He known as me, confirmed me the take, and questioned ‘How am I supposed to make use of this? You’re shaken by the slap from such a petite woman, to which I used to be like ‘Yasir Bhai, her hand may be very robust and it felt fairly exhausting”.

    The actor advised the interviewer that Yasir needed him to remain nonetheless for the slap. Since getting shook by a petite actress like Sajal wouldn’t look “reasonable.”

    Digital’s superhit serial ‘Chup Raho’ adopted the story of Rameen (Sajal Aly) who was subjected to assault by her brother-in-law Numair (Syed Jibran) and was compelled into silence by her shut ones.

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